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KAIZA here.

Just some guy, from a small country, trying to become a better illustrator, and who dreams of one day becoming a video game designer.

I also have a smaller pixiv account! :…
Hey guys, KAIZA here,

It's been quite a while since I've posted much of anything to my gallery (the Froslass quickie doesn't count.) To be honest, I feel pretty bad that I've kept quiet for so long; I'm really, really bad at making status updates and such. ^^;

Quite a few things have been going on for me recently. One of them is an artist's block that I've been having for some months now. I hate that feeling when, at some moment, I get fired up to work on something, I bring out my tablet, get the pen ready...but nothing comes out. Not a single line, not a single idea, nothing. Is it because of college draining me out? Is it because I have thinned myself by trying to work on about five or six different drawings? Who knows. Fortunately, I've been kinda chipping away at that block in recent weeks. I have made slow, but steady progress on some of those WIPs; and while I don't know when I'll finish them, it's a lot more than I could say a couple months ago.

Another thing is college. While classes have been a bit more lax than last semester, this one's are much more about practice and such. Photoshop, Illustrator, Photography...classes haven't been too bad per se, but they do send long homeworks which require larger creative input from me. Aside from that, I joined a club, and one of the projects they have planned is a magazine, which I'm supposed to be helping with. This adds yet another project to my hands, and as with homework, also requires creative input. As such, most of my creative juices have been directed at college. =_=;;

Third...well, honestly, this one's on me, but I've been quite distracted with Pokemon lately. Before that, it was Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. It may have to do with the remakes/the Wii U version being released, but me not being able to buy it yet, mixed in with my horrible procrastination, but...yeah, I take responsibility for this one. orz

And, lastly, some real life issues have come up lately. I'll just say the last couple of weeks have been...less than pleasant for me and my family. I'd rather not say much about it, but at the very least, things are looking up better now.

Anyhow, as I said earlier, I'm really, REALLY bad at keeping others updated. I want to apologize to those I owe requests and such. =_=; I've kept quiet for so long, and yet haven't shown anything for those...I'm really sorry. While I'm still working on those, I do want to apologize for taking so long on those requests. It's just inexcusable, especially since I haven't even kept you guys informed. m(_ _)m

I'll try my best to increase my effort, though in exchange I'll probably have to cut down on the amount of stuff I'm working on. I'll probably just work on two or three WIPs for now, then continue with the rest. I'm even hesitant on working on my own stuff until I'm done with at least some requests. =_=;

In less interesting news:
-I think I've become a bit obsessed in building a good Pokemon team after losing a couple of tournaments with friends. Then again, until I get the one of the remakes, there's not much else I can do with my game...
-Lost my tablet's cable this week. Fortunately, my brother was able to get me a temporary replacement, but still...orz
-Midterms are starting next week. Good news, I only have two exams. Bad news, exams aside, I still have a couple of long homework to do (plus the magazine project for my club)! Joy of joys.
-Said club magazine will require me to draw a comic. Not sure if ready.
-I may have caught a cold yesterday, since my throat's been sore since then, plus other symptoms (runny nose, slight fever).
-This is hilarious: [link].
-I'm still in need of some income. Tried looking for a job, wasn't successful. Still looking for one, but the whole situation did make me think: should I give commissions a try? Even ignoring the whole payment issue (because if push comes to shove, I can ask someone to help me set up Paypal or something), I'm kinda hesitant about it. Not only does my poor self-esteem mean I can't put a price on my stuff, my inability to work consistently on the requests makes me worried as well. I mean, if I can't do requests properly, commissions would be a nightmare! :( What do guys think about it?

Well, I guess that's all for now. Hopefully I'll be able to make some progress and actually give some better update by next week. =_=
See ya.


Pending Requests/Trades:
-Tharja TG/AP Comic (for :icontf-wizard:)
-Selvaria Bles TG (for :iconmegamanmaster64:)
-Makoto Naegi FTM TG (for :icondothackeryggdrasil:)

Pending Gifts:
-Gift for :iconjanusdaguardian42:

Pending Projects
-Touhou Fanart (Fujiwara no Mokou)
-Possible Pokemon Fanart (Chances will probably increase when I get Alpha Sapphire)
-MMBN3 TG Sequence (Tamako)
-Pokemon TG Comic (Phoebe)
-TG Comic based on Art Trade: Fairy Tail TG by :iconashtgfem:.

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